Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Valkeakoski! Tervetuloa!

Welcome to Valkeakoski!

And here I am, in Finland, in Valkeakoski. It's a most amazing place that I simply cannot describe in words. Everything is so beautiful. It is such a different scenery. Instead of the mountains I was used to, here, the horizon disappears into trees that stretch as far as the eyes can see beyond the sunlit glow of the lakes. Aesthetically paved roads wind among the trees connecting one house to the other. The city spans over two-three pieces of land connected by bridges separating the three lakes on which it stands. It is remarkable. I'll let the picture speak for itself.

This last picture was taken at lake Lontilajärvi, just behind the university building (click on it... it's amazing!). And as long as I got to the university, let me tell you about it. It seems so informal and friendly. The teachers are very warm and helping, smiling and cheerful. The secretaries (and this one is amazing for me) are young, beautiful, know their job, do their job, are helpful and concerned about your situation. I never thought I would see something like that. The canteen has delicious food. And also (and this, again is unbelievable for someone coming from Romania), but this happens not only in the university, but also throughout Valkeakoski and I believe everywhere in Finland, people do not tie down their bikes... Talk about ethics and morals. When you can leave a good bike outside just like that, for half a day, and still find it there when you're done with your job...

I'll give you more information as things happen. Next time, I'll tell you about the dormitory and the workspace. See you! Nähdään!


dr. Vincze-Nagy András said...

I don't know why the name of the city keeps reminding me of Syberia.

From what you have told and what I have read here, that place must be much closer to heaven, than Oradea, I'm glad that you have a good time there.

Now, I hope your posts will come more frequently, cause I'm really looking forward to hear about your "Nordic Adventures".

Anonymous said...

actually our language comes from siberia though it´s not slavic origin

- finnish bug