Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vigilante Coke

My brother has this habit of writing about products with weird names (such as Titan matches and Laban milk). I've discovered that Finland is not without its own products with weird names. Come to think of it, "products with weird names", they should have a special word for that, or abbreviation.

So, here comes Finland's own:

I think it's very strange. I mean, I knew Finland was the home of Santa Claus, but Batman?! If it were Santa Claus Cola, I could understand it (or is that already taken by Coca Cola and Pepsi?), but this is pretty ridiculous. Maybe if you drink a lot of this, your voice becomes all hoarse and shitty like in the movie. I'm pretty sure the Dark Knight wouldn't appreciate having a soft drink (and more so cola) named after him. However, I have a remedy for it: Wayne Enterprises Cola, now that's a horse of a different colour.

However, besides all these PWWNs, there are also some really good products here in Finland. One of my favourites is:

Yes, that's right, stracciatella flavoured yoghurt. Some of you might know, that my favourite ice cream flavour is stracciatella. This yoghurt is heavenly for me. I remember hating yoghurt a few years back. Even after starting to like it, I only enjoyed the ones with different flavours of fruit. But this, this is just great. I can hardly wait to try out other Finnish foods here. I'm looking forward to going to Hesburger one of these days.


dr. Vincze-Nagy AndrĂ¡s said...

Have you tasted that cola? I bet that even with this name it's better than our Adria Cola. :)

Anonymous said...

well we had some with a spiderman(blue soda) and a smurf pictures at least a while ago plus moomin soda as well. they´re for kids - obviously ;)

finnish bug

Viki Rosenzveig said...

I can understand the Moomin soda. After all, Finland is home to the Moomins. I just loved them when I was a kid.

But Spiderman and Smurfs? That's just wrong. I mean, if I drank a blue drink with a Smurfs sticker on it, I wouldn't know whether I was drinking their piss or their blood. Pretty disturbing...

tibi masterofalltime said...


tibi masterofalltime said...

by the way anonymous, you've got the singular and plural mixed up! it's "a spiderman and a smurf picture", not "...a smurf pictures"

the show is called "smurfs", not "smurf" (of you should have used "the picture of a smurf" if you wanted a singular)

and you should have used a comma instead of a dash before "obviously" (i think).

well, let's give you a b- for the effort. :p

tibi masterofalltime said...

i also think it's rather cowardly to hide behind the veil of anonymity. it's just cowardly. it's not something respectable people would do.

:) :p :-* >:D<

in case you are not katja, please don't be offended by my being a smartass.