Monday, September 08, 2008


Do you guys remember those old cartoons where something happened between too characters, which at the beginning started out small and ended up really big? As an exemple, I remember this one with a cat and a mouse, I believe, who are both starving. And the cat wants to eat the mouse, but it is skinny, so it gives it some growth pills, and the mouse ends up bigger, wanting to eat the cat. In response, the cat swallows some pills himself, getting bigger, and so on and so on...

Another good exemple is that episode from Dexter's Laboratory, entitled Monstory, where Dee Dee wants to tell Dexter a joke, and he doesn't want to listen, so he ends up giving Dee Dee some kind of mutating agent, and then he takes some, and so on and so on...

All these cartoons are meant to give you some insight into important aspects of life. They shouldn't be laughed at... ok, maybe they should, but they should also be taken seriously because of their valuable teachings. But you can't really relate to those cartoons and transpose them into real life. Unless you see them in real life... (well, sort of)

Which brings me to today's post. At the advice of a friend of mine (thank you, Irina), I watched a French movie yesterday, entitled Jeux d'enfants (English title: Love Me If You Dare). It is a romantic story (obviously, since it's French), about a little boy and a little girl playing a game of dare. It starts out small, but as they grow up, it pretty much gets out of their hands. It's a really interesting movie. You can't even imagine, when it all starts out, what it will lead up to...

First of all, I remarked the very good directing. Typical of modern French (maybe not just French, but European) movies, it has a fast change of scenes, which are sometimes very artistic, lacking a sense of reality and delving you more into the emotional part of it all. (THIS IS AN EDIT: the directing is awesome. I didn't stress this enough in the original post. It is very very good.) The acting is very good and the dialogues are well thought up. They all seem very natural. My French isn't that good, and in the first part of the movie, the narator keeps spitting out words like he was auditioning for the part of machine in a sound-only anime, so I was in need of subtitles. Try to make sure you get your hands on some good English subtitles, because mine sucked pretty bad. Thankfully, what the subtitles left out, I was able to understand from the original voices.

It is a very good romantic movie, a very good slice of life movie, a very good French movie, and overall a very good movie. I recommend it to all those French-loving romantics out there (hope you're reading this, Adela).


dr. Vincze-Nagy AndrĂ¡s said...

I love French comedies, I kind of grew up on them. Although I never liked French romantic movies, probably it is just because they are to consistent.
Now, I grew up and I discovered how much I hate German movies, so the French movies seems a little bit more interesting now for me.
One of my favorite movies is still Vidocq, that was far much better than an average American one.

I'm going to watch this movie, seems like I gonna like it. Thanks for writing about it. I have found it with Hungarian dub, I hope I'll be able to watch it this evening.

*ade* said...

This is the movie you were writing about? it's been my favourite for the last 3 years, i have seen it at least 7-8 times... and also, i remember telling you about it but you didn't listen :p.
For all you readers out there, Jeux d'enfants really is a great movie; i simply loved Marion Cotillard and i can't wait to watch La vie en rose, in which she also stars.