Sunday, August 19, 2007

Journey Photo Log, Interlude

I'll be leaving for a week to Borsec. This is a recreational camp (which means no Internet connection), so I'll have to leave the log a bit suspended. However, I leave you with two movies that we made in camp. Enjoy:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Journey Photo Log, Part 2

Here you go, everyone! Part 2!

Cristian: (before camp)

Well, as soon as I got to Cristian, I met the people I was going to work with. Some of them had already been there for the previous camps and those of them were really glad to see reinforcements coming. Of course, I had known them from before, the correct way to say it would have been "I met up with". Whatever.

The day before camp, we went to Busteni to see Babele and Sfinxul. For those of you who don't know, these are two famous rock formations which respectively resemble old women and a human face. Here are two photos, one with me and Babele in the background (I never understood where the old women were in those stones; personally I think they look like nuclear explosion mushrooms, but in school books they claim they look like old women, so who am I to argue?), and one with the whole group (not everyone here is an instructor, some are participants from the previous camp who stayed for the next one too).

The interesting part of the journey was the journey itself, not really the rock formations. Besides waiting in line 3 hours, I got an insight on cool/stupid Romanian signs. Check these out:

What's the word for "velocity" in Romanian?

"Viteza", you say? Check again:

I've been to other countries, but I've never seen a "stationing table" before:

Let's suppose I'm looking for a coffin...

Found the best place! Open 24/7:

Where do I park? On the right? Gotcha...

Houston, we have a problem...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Journey Photo Log, Part 1

Well, most of you know, I've been on quite a trip these past weeks. First of all, I went to Bucharest to see my girlfriend, then to camp in Cristian and after that to Szarvas. I got home 3 days ago, but i needed the time to rest. Now the time has come to talk about my journeys.

Thanks to my brother's benevolence, I got a digital camera for my birthday (Thank you, Tibi!). Using this camera, I took a lot of photos during my travels, which I'm going to share with you through the following days, as I review the past weeks.


I'll start my log by telling about what it was like in Bucharest. I got my camera here, 2 days before leaving, so sadly I have not enough photos. I especially regret not having taken pictures of TNT Games, the official retailer of NCSoft games in Romania. It was such a cool workplace. What was I doing there? Well, I went to buy a PS1 memory card in order to be able to save my FFIX games. Yes, we all know that Sony are bitches, not letting you save PS1 games on a PS2 memory card. Anyway, this place was really cool and I got to play the Wii here, too! Yay!

Anyway, the purpose of my visit to Bucharest was seeing my girlfriend, Ioana! And here she is!
(by the way, this is the very first photo taken with my new camera)

Ok, let's have some more photos with her, cause she deserves it. Beautiful, isn't she?... (sigh)

Another event was Mariuca's birthday. Who is Mariuca? She's Ioana's older sister. Here's a photo. Happy Birthday! It was a really cool birthday. The whole family got together. It was a ball!

Overall, it was a heavenly time (mostly thanks to Ioana). I can't wait to meet you again...
I'll end here, and resume my stories tomorrow, with events from Cristian, from before the camp.