Sunday, June 04, 2006

Time for Some Ballet

Thanks to my Aunt Kati's benevolence, I went to see my first ballet yesterday. It was the ballet Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev, performed by the National Ballet of Moscow.

Sadly, I didn't have any photo to post (as you might know or not, the digicam is with my brother in France), though I searched the net, but found none on any Romanian site (even though I had the idea of taking an advert poster of the wall of the theatre and bring it home to scan it). I finally found this one, which is a photo of the same group performing the same ballet in Moscow.

I must say, as it was my first ballet, I was really impressed. I had a very good seat in the second row. Very interstingly, in the first row, just in front of me, was a small old man, who was some kind of choreographer or director of the group or whatever, but he knew every single move that was about to occur and made lively gestures to the ballet-dancers (he was really funny).
I found the ballet very expressive. A strange thing occurred to me, namely the fact that at it's origin, Romeo and Juliet is a play, which is all about words, and I've just seen a version which is about movement, mimicry, music, i.e. anything but words. However, I felt that it transmitted the essence of the story quite remarkably.

I had only 2 critical remarks:
1. I've always imagined Romeo to be a handsome lad, yet the dancer who played his part was a typical Russian guy (and on top of that, he had a horrbile face, even worse than the guy who plays the French musical comedy, though some consider that guy handsome, the French one, not this Russian one).
2. I believe many girl today (even those that have a great body) would want to be as thin as the one who played Juliet. I don't understand this trend... I mean, this girl, yes, she was thin, but her breats were practically growing inwards!!!
- to ease on these harsh comments, a friend of mine (whom you have read about three posts ago) said: "They might not be good looking, but they are talented." True enough. And I must admit, they had formidable leg muscles and nice asses as well ;)


Deimios said...

I have nothing against ballet but men wearing tights and hopping around on their toes is not my idea of masculine behaviour. I dare say that most ppl would cal them gay. Although they probably aren't. BTW you said 'nice asses'. By using the plural form I presume you include all dancers, including male ones. A male saying that other males have nice asses isn't considered straight. Not that I had a problem with homosexuals, I just like to keep a distance from ppl who are... different. Have a good day.

tibi masterofalltime said...

he was probably reffering to the asses of the several girl dancers (hopefully)

gay ppl make just as good zombies as straight ones, so don't complain.

the formatting sux, justify, pls

Viki Rosenzveig said...

Yes, I knew sooner or later someone would give that comment about using the plural... Like my brother said, I was referring to the asses of the girl dancers.