Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Dear Deskmate, Adela!

NOTE: This post should have appeared on Wednesday, 07 June 2006, but due to server problems, it could only be published today.

At first, I was going to write about the fact that yesterday was 6.06.06, the Devil's Day as they called it, and that in a small town named Hell in the USA (where else?) they held a big festival and parades and shit like that. Then I thought: "Do I really want to write about human ignorance and stupidity?" I got disinterested (and kind of depressed) when I thought about it in-depth and realised that by talking about it (even criticising), I would only promote (maybe not the best word, let's say "spread" instead) this cheap culture (or unculture). If this is what Modern Man comes up with after two million years of evolution, if this is the result Homo Sapiens comes to, then I dare say we a well deserved extinction is due...

So, as soon as I abandoned this topic, I thought I would write about something closer to my heart. You may not know, but there is a custom here that when finishing high-school, you make an album with the photo of each classmate and they write you a goodbye message as a conclusion of the high-school years spent together and for you to remember them. When I was thinking of what to write about, I read my dear deskmate's message (and was touched by it... again) and thought that I just had to write about her (she'll kill me for this :D ).

So, this girl in the photo my deskmate (as you could have guessed by now). Her name is Adela-Roa Popescu. Her middle name is indeed strange (as you might have noticed) and has a long history of how she got it (I'm not going to detail here... anyway she is proud of it). As you can see, she is cute, but what you can't see is that she is kind. All that I can say is that I've enjoyed the three and a half years spent by her side in school (on her left, to be more exact... second desk, middle row).

She can be extremely enthusiastic at times and at those times her eyes light up and a beautiful smile covers her face... She can also give you "the look", so I recommend not upsetting her... She's funny and friendly and likes to hang out with her friends. Also, she is into movies (mostly romance, drama, comedy, but also enjoy a good thriller at times). As a side note, I've been slowly dragging her into the dark realm of anime... She has excellent taste when it comes to clothing and (as would any girl) likes shopping. No, let me rephrase, she loves shopping... something's not right... she's MAD about shopping (yes, I guess that captures it). She's also into being mentally and physically fit (she kept saying that if she were my mother, my schedule would be something like: math, push-ups, math, sit-ups, math... you get it). She's also into French [insert anything], such as: French movies, French music, French boys (i guess), French kiss (probably, no personal confirmation... if not Adela, then my girlfriend will certainly kill me) and so on. She intends to go to Cluj to university to study Medicine (gambatte!). Despite certain unfavourable circumstances (i.e. our Biology teacher being a complete idiot), I am extremely confident that she will manage... Also, she has a pre-emptive sixth sense you should be aware of and listen to (believe me, I know what I'm saying..)

I would like to end this post with a big "thank you", because I believe a great deal of the man I am today I owe her. Remember the movie Holy Man, with Eddie Murphy when he says "If you see this man, give him a hug, a big hug, because he needs it"? Well I can't say that (she'd definitely kill me), but I'll say this: "If you see this girl, give her a smile, not that she would need it, but as a token of my gratitude towards her."

Thank you for everything, Adela! (please don't kill me because of this post)


tibi masterofalltime said...

funny you should write about our well due extinction, recently a ring-like structure was discovered under the antarctic ice, which is believed to be the vestiges of an asteroid impact that might have caused the permian extinction (251 million years ago, between the permian and triassic, the most severe extinction event in earth's history!)

some theories have emerged stating that extinction events happen with a certain periodicity (?? maybe the revolution of our star around the galactic core disturbs periodically the oort cloud and this sends comets plummeting through the solar system ????)

whatever the explanation, most scientists concerned with these studies agree that another extinction is due in the following 10 million years.

however, i believe that if after 500 years we are still stuck on this shithole of a planet we truly deserve extinction :(

oh yes, and good luck with your exams adela !!

eliza said...

...Hi!!..nice to meet u Adela!!...u know..I also study in the second desk middle row:P..
...another thing i wanted to say is that i could also see the "kind" in the picture not only the "cute" as u said Viki:P!
..anyway, it's obvious u care a lot about her!

..wish u both good luck with your exams!!!

Yoana :o) said...

You have this special way of making people feel cherished and important. They also somehow come to life when you describe them, so I have the feeling that I've really met Adela... And she is one great person! :)I send her a smile together with a hug! :) Keep on writing, and never cease to accompany your friends on their way to descovering their value! :)

Deimios said...

ROA! OMG she's the reincarnation of ROA! Run for your lives... If you don't understand watch the Shingetsutan Tsukihime anime.
Anyways glad that you have someone special. I feel everyone should have a 'taisetsu na hito' (most precious person) as it's what keeps us human. Until the meteors start crashing anyways... Which is long overdue. If I don't get smashed by a meteor this year I'm gonna be angry!~ you hear me up there big G?

Viki Rosenzveig said...

You must be highly skilled in Ninja Tenmon (Meteororology) and you keep avoiding all those nasty meteor's without even noticing... Hope my pyromancer won't have to face you, that's a good ward you've got there.

Deimios said...

I'm really an idiot watching hentai all day. Although incredibly lucky when it comes to avoiding missles, bullets, shuriken, meteors, comets, planetary collisions and Big Bangs. I still cannot avoid however the dreaded female wooden mallot used in conjunction with yelling "HENTAI!" by the females of our species. I'm working on that too but I'm only human. And no mere mortal, human or otherwise can go against the dreaded entities known as women.