Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm pretty sure everyone of you goes through periods when you have something to do, but feel just too lazy to do it? Well, I'm having one of those periods now. I just returned from Helsinki and would have a lot to write about, but I just don't feel like it. I still need to write about something, otherwise this blog is going to die, like it did last year. So I'm here to talk about something that could get seriously affected by this laziness: ideas.

Actually, by the end of the post, I'll be asking for your advice on this one. I know that many people have ideas, and quite a lot of them could prove to be revolutionary, however, few people have the initiative to put them into practice, and a lot less to finish what they have started. I know that I've been through this, and probably you as well. I had a lot of ideas concerning stories, and, actually, most of them made it into writing. I know that my stories are somewhat clich├ęd, and I'm not the best amateur writer around, but I enjoy writing them, and if I can get something through to a person, and he will end up making the right choice about something because of it, I will have been worth it. Most of my stories, however, never got finished. Not because I don't like writing them (or because I have a writer's block), but because I like doing other things more. Yes, the laziness I talked about earlier hits me. When I do get to finish, I end up with good stories, like Full Stop., sadly, not many of my works got to that point. I sometimes find no motivation in it. And thus, here I am asking you about my dilemma...

Recently, I've been doped with a lot romance, as you could tell from the anime reviews I've made. Subsequently, a nice idea for a romantic story popped into my head. One of the biggest problems with my ideas is that the images I get in my head, are just that, images. When I started writing Full Stop., I had the image of Ayami running through the rain, getting to the house, and meeting the man who looked a lot younger than he actually was.Everything after that, was blank... Originally, it was supposed to be a romantic story, then a horror story, and finally it ended up being the philosophical something it is now (by the way, if you haven't read the story and are interested, please feel free to contact me). The same is true for my unfinished stories and is also true for my yet to be story. The scenes and concepts I have in mind, are beautiful (though this might be something totally subjective), however, I still have absolutely no idea about delivering those images and thoughts.

Should I just start on it like that, and end up not finishing it, like most of the others? Or should I just wait till the image stabilises in my head, and then write the whole thing down? Please, give me you're ideas concerning this problem I'm having. I'd appreciate it. Also, feel free to comment regarding your own similar experiences. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested in hearing them. I promise to give you a post on what happened in Helsinki and more, soon enough.


Katja said...

ok, here`s my answer... though beware! i think it`s going to turn out like a full novel because i got so many 'ideas' concerning your post. :)

basicly a writer is a writer because he/she can`t help writing. though it`s totally sthelse to be good at what you do - to be professional because then it`s not anymore a hobby - then it`s hard work(that`s why they`re called full-time authors:).

for a some time i`ve been wondering: why do people always think that writing or any other artistic carreer is such a happy creative stuff the artist just does for his/her joy??? actually being an artist is like any other job nine to five except that you happen to be married to your job till the death does you appart.

of course a writer can get an inspiration but what he produces he also has to refine. the raw version of ideas has to be grown to their final form and that is through the process of the writing. i don`t think any author ever wrote anything perfect just out of the blue - some perfect verses and yes the form of the story but a whole perfect story no.

david eddings puts up some interesting lines in the beginning of his book The Rivan Codex(because he was fed up with getting tons of post from amateur writers wanting him to comment on their work). the first fact is that if one wants to be a writer one has to write. it means everyday one has to sit down for at least couple of hours to write. it doesn`t matter if it never becomes any significant - it might be sth one can use in the future - or not. this is just one keeps the touch with writing. well then what if one day the writer actually has sth he feels to work more? well then he writes more about the subject... just he has to remember that no matter how nice scene he has written but if it doesn`t fit into the story - well i`m sorry but since it doesn`t serve the plot it has to go. - good writing is editing all the time!

also i think if the work is good the characters start to live their own life on the paper. only one has to remeber that whatever the characters do, they have to be true to themselves - they can`t suddenly change their personality. so some advanced planning would be advisable: like is the main character silly, noble, complexed etc... :) of course they can always develop but again in their own way that is distict to their character. furthermore i believe that the characters are capable for everything(like all human beings) - within their own limits - like they have their own style to murder people as well as to love people because in each one of us there`s the dark as well as the bright side. (well this would be very interesting to talk about but it`s getting a little aside of the subject to the fields of psychoanalysis and other ones of psychology as well as filosophy so i just let it be:)

in addition i think the process of writing changes us. it`s not just that you write a story but the story is writing you as well(as all the other experiences do:). writing changes our perspectives or at least widens them. it enables us to search an answer, to put up questions, see some things in a different point of view - to have a role play. writing is a great way to a selfrealization, to clear your head, to wonder things in the world etc...

so that`s why in my opinion it`s pretty pathetic to say:

"and if I can get something through to a person, and he will end up making the right choice about something because of it, I will have been worth it"

if this happens it`s only the bonus of it. what is more important is what you yourself get out of it. if you say you enjoy writing your stories, even just that little fact makes it worth it because the stories are significant to yourself. it shows if you`re only writing for others: the stories lack that sth. they lack your own authentity and at the same time the essence of a human being, your humanity. it`s such a sentimental nonsense trying to save the world(or hope to save the world) when you can save only yourself - this is the world of subjectivity. of course this is only my very subjective opinion.;)

so my answer would be: write your ideas down because you never know where they may lead you and as so: let the journey begin!

and finally:
i`d be happy to read your story. :)


Viki Rosenzveig said...

A very blunt and... spacious input. I appreciate it.

tibi masterofalltime said...

stop whining and finish that "hive mind" story!

also, a read a book or something.

and you don't have to read all that lengthly comment she made, you can skip the parts written with red and green :p