Wednesday, October 08, 2008


No matter what awesome graphics or complex story new games have nowadays, they could never beat the simple addictive fun that flash games offer. A few posts ago, I wrote about an innovative 1D game, called Z-Rox (I still haven't finished it). I hope you enjoyed playing. Today, I'm going to write about two more addictive games I found on the same site.

The first game, called Straw Hat Samurai, is the perfect game for Ninja Scroll fans. You play a samurai, and you have to cut through your enemies by drawing lines with your mouse. Once you finish, your guy disappears, there is a flash, and when you reappear, the bad guys are all in pieces. You get extra points for decapitating, getting more guys at once, or using your bow (yes, you have a bow too, how cool is that!). After reaching the gate, you also have a small strategy part. Honestly, I think if they worked some more on this game, placed a little bit of variety in it, it could become a seriously intense game (maybe for the Wii?...).

The second, called Gravitee, is a simple golf game. The difference is, it takes place in space. You have to hit the ball through the hoop, but be aware and take into account the gravitational effect of the different planets on the ball. While using the ball's projected trajectory, it is a fairly simple game, but when you turn of this helpful feature, it becomes a serious challenge. I'm pretty sure all you physicists out there are going to enjoy it. Knock your hearts out.

I'm going to point it out again, all these games are hosted on Kongregate's website. You should really register, in my opinion. As long as you play, why not gather some badges while you're at it? (And I should seriously get some money for advertising for these guys...)

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