Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's that day...

Well, today is 31 May. Which means... we have a birthday today! Wait? I'm wrong? What do you mean I'm wrong? Aaaaaaa! You mean there's not just one birthday, but two birthdays today?! Well then, let's have the lucky winners step up on the podium please:

First up is Ioana! (to those of you who don't know, Ioana is my girlfriend) Let's all put our hands together for Ioana who is turning 18 today. That means drinking, driving and sex are now legal for you! Cool!


Second up is myBlog! Everyone cheer for the blog we all know and love. myBlog becomes one-year-old today. I was hoping I'd hit 100 posts before this day is over, but hopefully that will happen before next year.


For those of you who are wondering about this coincidence, check out the very first post. (NOTE: Back then, Ioana and I were not together... who would have thought we'd come all this way...)


magdutz said...

It's amazing how our life may change and it is very interesting from time to time to look back.

I discovered that if someone would told me 2 years ago that my life would be as it is now I could swear that he is crazy, but this is the best thing about life... you never know what happens next

I wish all the best for Ioana and your relationship and... if you finally managed to send me the story I'm sure you'll manage to reach the 100th post

tibi masterofalltime said...

she´s also old enough to vote, that´s important too. romania needs more smart people with the right to vote to make sure becali doesn´t become president. or worse.