Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eurovision 2007

For those of you who are not up to date, the 52nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest ended this weekend with Serbia's Marija Sherifovich claiming a 268 point victory (with the song Molitva, meaning 'Prayer').

I personally didn't like the songs that much. My favourites were the opening and in-between songs, namely Lordi's Hard Rock Hallelujah (last year's winner with a record-breaking score of 292 points) and Apocalyptica (though I don't know what song). I have to admit, Finnish music is very good. However, despite being the host, they didn't do too well, obtaining only 53 points, landing them on the 17th place (behind Romania's bullshit song... which scored 13th with 84 points). They should have participated with Loituma's Leva's Polka, I'm sure that would have gotten them many more votes.

One of the most interesting things was the distribution of the points. It was notable that most countries voted for their neighbours, which is understandable (except for the United Kingdom, which is even more understandable). Romania enjoyed two 12-point votes (this being the maximum), from Moldova, which is unexpected, yet somewhat understandable and mostly pleasant, and from Spain, which is extremely understandable and equally hilarious (prietenii ┼čtiu de ce!).


tibi masterofalltime said...

yup, my favorite part of the contest was also the opening song.

but i don't think moldova giving us 12 points is unexpected.

what i don't understand is how the hell did ukraine get 2nd place with that bs?!

Viki Rosenzveig said...

I agree. Ukraine's song was a bit... unusual... (ok, it was downright stupid). I didn't understand why they sang in German...