Saturday, May 26, 2007


It is amazing where one can find inspiration nowadays. Wherever you look, you may find something of great interest. There exist only 2 conditions:
- You have to keep your eyes open;
- You have to have something to use the inspiration for.
Now, these conditions can be dealt with in an extremely hasty manner.

First, if the source of inspiration is shocking, you don't need to keep your eyes open. However, it has to be really shocking. You know, the kind that hits you and leaves you traumatized for weeks without end. The kind that makes you go "You are shock!" (the source of inspiration I'm talking about did this to me)

Second, you need to have something to direct valuable inspiration towards. And what is the best place the a blog? You can throw anything here, whether it is interesting or boring, cute or disgusting, violent or pornographic, everything goes. What? There is more worthy a target for inspiration? Yes, there is! I'm talking about motivational posters.

For those of you who don't know, motivational posters are little framed photos with a title and tagline that "Inspire! Motivate! Mock!" They are the perfect things. You will see an example below (I hope it inspires you to make more).

Yes, 'motivational poster' was the first thing that popped into my mind as soon as I saw my room mate's rice and chicken. What's so inspiring about rice and chicken? Nothing much, usually. But after keeping it in the fridge a few weeks, it becomes really shocking. Remember, 'shocking' was the first condition for a successful source of inspiration? I've always thought mould to be green, but there are many other colours of mould: blue, white, brown, black, yellow, grey... The photo is not high quality, since it was taken with a mobile phone, I hope you enjoy it though. So without further a due:

If you want to make your own motivational poster, visit:

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