Friday, August 18, 2006

Long time, no post!

Hello world!

Finally after numerous adventures I'm home and safe and can continue posting this blog you all love so much (I hope). So, let me relate the happenings of the past three weeks (I have no excuse for not writing before these... sorry).

Well, the first two of the aforementioned three weeks concern my being a madrich ('instructor', for those who are not familiar with the term... or 'counsellor', as the USA group called it) at the camp whose logo you can see on the left. I've been a chanich (participant) at this camp for six years in a row and this was my first time as a madrich. I must say, it is completely different. While your occupations as a chanich include: eating, swimming, dancing, singing, hanging out, breaking the camp rules and just annoying your madrichim (the plural of madrich) in any way you can; the being a madrich is way different. At first, you have to be responsable for all those brats who enjoy annoying you and defying curfew hours (this means drawing your Magma Minigun - those who played Alien Shooter know what this baby can do - and wreaking havoc is out of the question, though it probably would have been fun). Besides that, you spend all your free time (even the little free time you've got) in the computer room, not surfing the net, but translating material for activities. The fun begins when some of the madrichim from other countries start screwing with you by not respecting the schedule or room reservations...

There is a very pleasant part of being a madrich though. You get really close to some of the chanichim (actually to most of them... the only ones left out are the troublemakers), and it warms your heart to see them work hard on a project or being very active during a programme. I've had a few such joys, but it was worth it. The only word I can find to define what it was like being a madrich would be: FLCL (what are you looking at? What did you expect me to say?).

After the camp, I've spent some time in Bucharest and Ploiesti. Now that was Exciting. I can't stop myself from braging, so I'll just have to mention that, despite David saying I'm not good at playing MTG, I finished second, out of 6 players, at a draft they held in Ploiesti (in your face!).

I'll finish short for now, but I'll hopefully update more frequently now that I'm home.

Goodbye world!

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