Saturday, November 01, 2008


Does anyone know what happened to the LHC? A little while ago, before they started it on 10 September 2008, people were all over the place saying that the world was going to end. Since nothing happened, people calmed down and continued living their meaningless lives (ignoring the fact that the actual experiment would be held on 21 October 2008).

So what happened? Why isn't there talk about the Higgs boson? Simply because the experiment didn't take place. It seems that there was an electrical malfunction on 19 September 2008, which pushed back the schedule of the experiment a few months.

What I want to talk about is the reaction of the people. Don't you find this interesting? I mean, everyone (by that I mean "everyone stupid enough not to read the least bit about the LHC") was panicking when there was nothing wrong with the machine, but when it malfunctioned, no one gave a damn! Didn't they watch those old James Bond movies where hitting a console with something hard (like a steel pipe) made the whole machine blow up? If that were the case, I would certainly be more at unease since the malfunction of the LHC than before... And who knows, the malfunction may yet have destroyed the Earth... have you noticed the soon-to-be worldwide economic collapse that's happening all around? I'm sure the LHC had something to do with that, although it's not as spectacular as creating a blackhole that would swallow the planet...


dr. Vincze-Nagy AndrĂ¡s said...

Or maybe we are in the middle of a greater idea, a plan from outer space :D

Yes, it IS a little bit strange that everyone goes wild, and when something is messed up they have already passed on that news.

Or this unawareness is maybe part of the effect too :D

Anonymous said...

Even if the mathematical chance of creating a doomsday would be 50:50 that would not stop CERN scientists. Too much money and prestige is put into it. And what comes out, are loads of new weapons to keep warfare going.

Even if we find Higgs boson (if it exists at all), then what? Does it fuel cars? Does it feed the hungry? Cure the sick? No it doesn't. It would just bring up the next question and more money would be needed along with more risks.

The last time aliens fooled around with technologies like this or beyound it, was the big bang. So, nothing would be lost, but time.