Saturday, June 14, 2008

Death from Above!

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable time with Andras. Since I took the effort to bring the Monster PC home from Cluj (the damn thing is heavier than it's worth), we decided to fire up the LAN and play some of the games you can't on a single PC (actually you can, but they're not as enjoyable).

We initially intended to play Higurashi Daybreak, and after making use of the appropriate wiki, we found out how to start a LAN game... technically. Of course, as all things go, we didn't manage to start the game, so we swiftly abandoned the idea, and headed off to some of the games we knew would work.

Our second choice was Starcraft, playing the Bunker Command stage. I remember Adi telling me about it back when Starcraft was still 'the rad'. I must say, it was interesting. I believe back then, 'use map settings' stages were considered awesome and defying the laws of the game.

After hastefully dispatching me, Andras suggested a different game, so I cast my vote for DotA. In the same spirit of 'use map settings', DotA really popularised Warcraft 3. I don't even remember, I think we played about 5 games. It was most pleasant. The good thing is, I finally got Andras to like the game. If all goes well, I might have gotten myself a stable DotA partner.

Our final choice for the evening was Unreal Tournament 2004. I can never get enough of this game. It was actually Andras who suggest we play it, and I didn't know he was this good at it (or maybe I was just too sloppy that night). Anyway, we started talking during the match, and tried to find out what is so special in UT2k4. Besides the fact that nothing can compare with a good InstaGib match, both Halo and Quake 3 lack the atmosphere of this awesome game. Even if we're talking about the classic Unreal Tournament, the maps were so amazing. They each had their own style and they were so well designed, that you never had to turn back because of a dead end. There was always another turn you could take. I've realised that the levels are highly asymmetrical, and that makes then really awesome. Hell, even capture the flag stages are asymmetrical, how cool is that? Some of the stages are so intricate, we ended up not being able to frag each other the necessary amount of times and the match ended with a time out. Here is the last image of the game, Andras willing to descend upon me with the fury of his enhanced shock rifle, but too late, as the timer reaches 0 and I am declared the winner.


dr. Vincze-Nagy AndrĂ¡s said...

It was nice from you to mention that I owned you at StarCraft (as always), but I haven't seen you mentioning, that those 5 DotA matches were exclusively yours. I think it is a decent custom map, I'm starting to like it, but I still have to learn.

And on the other side there is UT2004, where you can't learn anything to be better, you can't train yourself, you can't level up, you can't enhance your skills...
...It is all about the rage that lives in your index finger, pushing that freakin left mouse button in the milisecond you see a moving helm or armor or fang or anything in the screen.

One advice guys. Be aware that UT2004 puts you on standby, all your proprioceptive skills will fail, you will no longer feel hunger, sleepiness or anything.

Then when you finish playing it you're gonna run to the bathroom and fall asleep on the toilet.


Thank you Viki for this post, and I hope this is just a the beginning of a beautyful massacreship!!!

tibi masterofalltime said...

i´ve learned an important lesson while playing ut2004: contrary to popular belief, a few shots of tequila don´t improve your aim.

it is funny though. ut2004 is great fun to play while tipsy, and fragging your own incompetent teammates in ctf so much fun (provided your teammates aren´t annoying crybabies)

quake 3 and ut3 were never my cup of tea and i haven´t played too much halo, so i can´t talk about that.

i have once played half-life multi (the original hl, not counter). and using those crab-grenades against human opponents was just hilarious.

other than that, playing competitive h-games (hot seat or parallel) is also fun. i remember when i was a freshman we had two rooms competeing in our student dorm who could get yumi first (the biology teacher from true love). our classmates would always give us questioning stares when we were discussing our progress during the breaks in thermodynamics class.