Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Windows 98 is the worst operating system ever!

"Windows 98 este cel mai prost sistem de operare dintre toate care exista!"... yep, that's what my teacher said. He's a respectable and knowledgable person, so I tend to believe him. He also described in detail how "Unfortunately, Windows stopped being good after version 3.11" and "Windows started becoming more and more unstable, culminating with Windows 98".

I'm thinking just how bad it could have been, for a university professor to give such declarations. I personally liked it more than 95, but he said that its colours attracted people more than its predecessor. However, he claims that computer magazines ("Real computer magazines, not magazines with photos of computers in them") declared Windows 98 a complete failure. It was funny to see him so passionate about telling us just how bad Windows 98 was, considering the fact that he is always very calm and precise.

He ended his lecture by saying that he is looking forward to seeing what Windows Vista will be like and mentioning that next lecture he will be talking about Unix-based operating systems , saying "Now those are real operating systems" (Peet is smiling now).

Out of curiosity, I took the liberty of looking up Windows Vista on Wikipedia. There were some interesting features there, I must admit, but the one that really caught my eye was a related article about "hybrid drives". Here is the link:


I'm looking forward to comments (especially from the Dungeons-And-Stuff group).


PS: Until next time, keep your systems Windows-free with "format.exe". "format.exe", the biztos solution!


tibi masterofalltime said...

98-tan is sad now.

you made her cry you bitch !

Deimios said...

Oh you opened Pandora's box now!

About Hybrid drives:
Solid state memomry usually has a huge problem: limited rewrites.
Sure it boosts you performance but is it worth buying a new USB stick every half a year?

About win98 :
It was still based on dos. So the OS actually was half-dos half-windows kernel with the stability of a rotting zombie leg.

Unix-es like BSD and Linux are the most stable you can get.
Think about this:
Windows evolved from dos (singleuser, single tasking)
while linux evolved from
unix (multiuser, multitasking)
to the common goal of a desktop.

Unix was built from base up for security and network. They even wrote a new programming language to code Unix. That language is C.

So to keep a long story short you should listen to your teacher. He's a smart man.

I am a sysadmin and I know what I'm talking about.

N. Peter said...

Yes Pete is smiling :)